How long does extensions last?

2-3 Weeks then they require a fill


How often should I clean my lashes?

2-4 times a week - Daily (recommended if you wear makeup often)


What if I don’t want them anymore?

I offer Lash Removals for $25! I recommend getting them removed vs pulling them off because they WILL take your real lashes and cause damage to your natural lashes


How long does shipping takes?

3-5 Business Days


How long does waxes last?

3-4 Weeks then you’ll be ready for another wax! 


Why Am I having Ingrowns?

It’s a must that you exfoliate daily or at least 3-4 times a week after waxing! I have natural body scrubs for sale $10 and you’ll be all set! It’s normal to have ingrowns after waxing (depending on hair texture) but exfoliating does help alot! 


Why are my lashes turning?

If you’re sleeping on your face or rolling around in your sleep or doing roughy activities it will cause your lashes to turn. But make sure you’re brushing them! 


How many whitening session do I need to see results and how long does it take?

I recommend getting the 1hour session to see major results but everyone’s teeth pores are different some may whiten quicker than others but 1 hour is definitely recommended.


Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Yes it is safe. The products that I use is cruel and vegan friendly! Little to No Sensitivity! But if you are Pregnant or Breastfeeding You can’t be serviced!