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Hey Babes! My name is Destiny Ware, I am a 22 year old Licensed Esthetician (1 year) and Lash Artist of 3 Years! I specialize in Lash Extensions, Teeth Whitening, Tooth Gems, and Ombre Powder Brows . 

I am the mother of a Super Sweet and Goofy Handsome 1 year old Boy ( Khalil ).

Im A Aries!

Im a Early HS Graduate (Class of 2017/18)

I'm 5'7

Im a Daddy's Girl

I have 4 Siblings ( I'm the 2nd Kid haha) ( 3 brothers 1 sister)

Im very Kind-hearted, caring, understanding, goofy and a very motivated woman that has all my clients and potential clients best interest at heart! I love dancing, being on tik-tok, motivating people,

and spending family time with my son. 


At the age of 18, I moved out of town and lost a GREAT job as a customer service rep at Walmart. Every job after that, I tried to work at did not work out because of management, or the work of the job. I was also having relationship problems. So, I moved back home. I started working 2 jobs (Sonic and Cracker Barrel), Absolutely hated the management at both jobs, so i told myself "I'm Not working for someone for the rest of my life!" . There was a lady having a 1:1 lash class for $300 (you get what you pay for).Took the class, after taking the class, practicing, and watching TONS of youtube videos, and joining facebook lash groups! I finally started taking clients downstairs in my dads basement for tips! I also went mobile! I was destined to be a successful lash artist! There were days that I wanted to give up but I didn't! I moved out of my dads, got a roommate and started doing lashes in the dining area. Then I started going to school for Esthetics to become an Esthetician. Absolutely did not know what esthetics was but I knew that I needed a license and the program was only 6 months. Got into the program and absolutely loved everything that we learned ! I got pregnant halfway through the program but I still wanted to finish! Covid happened and pushed the program to be even longer. Then the school that I was goin to cancelled the program, so I had to transfer to another school. Thankfully I didn't have to start over. 6-8.5 month pregnant I went to school 5 days a week 8 hours a day! destined to finish the program before I had my baby, going through toxic baby father problem, family problems and more! but I knew my mission and my vision so I didn't let anything stop me from getting my License! I passed both my exams on the first try! I had my baby Dec of 2020, Got my License January of 2021 and started working in a Space Feb/Mar of 2021! My Clientele grew very fast. The people that I work with everyday I couldn't be more blessed and thankful for them! My goal is to have my own building and brand! & that WILL happen SOON! I couldn't be more blessed and thankful for how far I have came! Being a Single mother can be extremely hard but I know what kind of lifestyle I want me and my son to live and that is what it is going to be! I hope to see you soon!! :)

Meet me , Destiny
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