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As a Lash Artist of 3 years and Brow Artist of 1 year , I will teach you all the fundamental and Hands-on education you need to become a successful Lash or Brow Artist, Yes a Lash or Brow Artist. Doing lashes or Brows is not just a skill, it is ART! As a Artist you want to create the perfect set to meet your clients expectations and eye and face shape.

In my group  training you will learn about lash theory, infections, sanitation, marketing and branding, bottom lash application, my lash secrets, and so much more!

In my group henna and brow mapping training, I will teach how to perfectly map brows that fits each clients face shape. I will also teach you how to apply henna and brow stain after mapping and give your clients brow a nice clean up and results.

Im not holding back!

In my training I will be very transparent! Not only will you know my techniques, I will also teach you different techniques and styles that you can create to create your target audience. There are so many ways to do lashes and my style isn't the only style that is going to be taught! 

Hope to see you in Class Soon!

Success In Progress...

D's Envy Luxury and Beauty offers the highest quality services and training to upcoming artists and beauticians in the industry. Invest into your future when the time is best for you! Our Lash classes are offered monthly!

We also offer Online Training and Kits!

Class Schedule

Day 1:

9a-12p Lecture/curriculum 

12p-1230p Lunch Break

1230p - 5p Mannequin hands on practice, Certificate

Class starts soon!